Welcome to Children’s Food Matters!

Children’s Food Matters is designed to help and support busy parents, teachers, group leaders and carers who are keen to deliver healthy nutritious food and fun food education to the children in their care. We can offer you a range of especially designed educational resources to do so. Our pioneering work in Oxford (UK) has received the national and internationally recognised “Leading Aspect Award” in education.

Research demonstrates that healthy eating in the early year’s sets eating patterns in later life; it also influences a child’s behaviour, wellbeing, development, educational attainment and longevity. With fast food and instant meals being advertised so intensely, and the easy option on so many occasions for our children, it is even more important now to make a stand.

We provide electronic recipe books designed especially for feeding children (and families). We provide educational children’s story/activity books which promote early cookery, food understanding and early year’s cookery. We can also support you with a monthly Fun Food Newsletter with seasonal food fun and a special recipe designed to make and eat with the children.

We are delighted to announce the release of our Latest Fun Food Newsletter! A brand new edition and seasonal resource for you to use at home with your child.

Have a look at Mr. Willow’s Latest FUN FOOD NEWSLETTER.


These newsletters will give you better access to some of the children’s “foodie” work that we do with Willow Cottage Nursery School in the UK….. and you can forward them to friends and relations that might enjoy them too!

View our resources such as electronic recipe books and menus